Marlene Blois, painter and poet, was born and lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She started her studies of painting when she was very young, and continued in the "Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage" (A Visual Arts School).

She has already exhibited her works of art in individual and collective exhibitions in the country and abroad. In her present works, free from limits, she dares to deconstruct, in a certain way, with colors and strokes of brush, the hinted geometric shapes. The pure geometrism leaves its representativity in itself like a reaction or even a negation to the excess of rationalism it could take. The color is the element with marked presence in all her works of art, because she feels it enigmatic, impossible to be rationalized. With textures, spots and marked brush strokes, the colors assume an expressive symbolic dimension. As a poet and painter, she created the "Quadremes", a new space where Poetry and Painting are materialized. She tries with her esthetic perception to capture the ambiguity of the world and, with her poetic sensibility and the dramatization of art, to discover new meanings for whatever she sees, feels, captures, mingles and comprehends.

Quem sou eu Who I am Qui suis-je